Matrimonial and Divorce Law

Matrimonial and divorce law matters generally require the assistance of an attorney in Houston. to schedule a consultation with a Houston lawyer at The Waldrop Law Firm. Our team of legal professionals will work closely with you to develop a solid case and help protect your rights in the Texas legal system for family law.

Our Houston law firm is located in the Montrose area of Houston, Texas, which is very near downtown, providing convenient access for all of our clients and consultations. Let us know the details of your situation so that we can provide the best assistance possible for your case.

Experiencing the ending of a marriage can be a very trying and difficult time for all parties involved. It can become difficult to make wise choices during these often traumatic times. Receiving the insight of a Houston lawyer who understands how to help you through this process in a way that will benefit you long-term, is a critical aspect of dealing with the difficulties you may be facing.

Houston Law Firm: Family Law 

At The Waldrop Law Firm, we can assist you with any kind of matrimonial and divorce law case, from the straightforward, uncomplicated divorces to the marital dissolutions that are particularly complex. Especially if you are a business owner, you will require the added protection provided from our commercial litigation experience to ensure that all of your legal matters during this divorce are handled in such a way that you do not lose the ability to continue operating your business effectively.

You may require assistance in establishing the grounds for your divorce such as adultery, abandonment, separation and cruel treatment to name a few legally credible causes for receiving a divorce. Divorce proceedings may also include dealing with matters such as custody and visitation, complex business evaluations, property division, debt management and many other factors which willl have a dramatic affect on your future, depending upon the outcome of your matrimonial and divorce law case.

Allow our experienced Houston Divorce Attorneys and Family Law Attorneys work closely with you to alleviate some of those common feelings of overwhelmment as you move forward in your life by calling (713) 522-9595 today.

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